Gothic undead woman


style,gothic, darkwave, darksynth,(dark fantasy), a (portrait) of a beautiful undead woman, closeup on her face, hungry eyes, pretty mouth, sharp teeth, in the style of Stefan Gesell
bad anatomy,disfigured, deformed, malformed, mutant, mismatched eyes, out of frame, out of picture, monstrous, ugly, gross, missing hand, disgusting, no hands, old, blurry, fat, , obese, poorly drawn, extra limbs, extra fingers, missing limbs, watermark, text, artist name, realistic, twitter name, title,(impossible clothing, impossible pose, Impossible hands, Impossible face, impossible fingers),bad hands, bad arms, missing fingers, missing arms+, missing hands, missing digit, missing limbs, extra digit, fewer digits, fused hands, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn hands, three hands, fewer digits, fused fingers, extra fingers, extra limbs, extra arms, malformed limbs, too many fingers, mutated hands, urgly arms, abnormal hands, poorly drawn digit, poorly drawn hands, abnormal digit, one hand with more than five digit, too long digit, boken limb+,